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pre diabetes walking exercise and diet supplement for metabolic syndrome x

Is walking good for weight loss to stop prediabetes?

Walking exercise can be like medicine to stop prediabetes & metabolic syndrome, but is not the foundation for weight loss to prevent diabetes and its complications.

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bmi range and obesity paradox

Is the “obesity paradox” really a mystery?

Is there a relationship between an ideal range of body weight, body mass index, muscle mass, fat mass and health & longevity, or is it all a mystery resulting in an “obesity paradox”?

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pre diabetes diet supplement and exercise for metabolic syndrome x treatment

Dietary Protein | Get Right Amount | Prediabetes

Does more dietary protein help you lose weight? What is the right amount of healthy daily protein intake in the food you eat to stop prediabetes?

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foot health by podiatrist for exercise movement weight loss

Meal Replacement Diet Plan Only A Good Start

With the hectic pace of contemporary life we need all the help we can get to manage our body weight and maintain a healthy metabolism but …

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