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the right amount of calcium for strong bones

Vitamin D and Calcium | Foot Bones | Fracture Risk

Adequate muscle along with sufficient vitamin D level & bone supporting minerals like calcium are very favorable for foot bones during aging.

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nutraMetrix vitamin d with k2

What Is The Best Vitamin D Level?

Can you get too much vitamin D? How much is too much? What is the best vitamin D level and supplement to consider? Learn more…

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foot health and vitamin d reduces fall risk and fracture

What Dose of Vitamin D Supplement Prevents Fractures?

The proper amount of vitamin D is important at all ages. In the fall-prone elderly it may very well save them from a life-changing bone fracture.

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A Vitamin That Continues To Show Anti-Diabetic Benefits

Vitamin D studies continue to show its importance in blood sugar metabolism suggesting an anti-diabetes role to stop prediabetes-metabolic syndrome.

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