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child getting body fat measurement

What Can Be Done About Childhood Obesity?

Childhood obesity, and the resultant health consequences of this problem, including adult obesity, prediabetes and diabetes, more prevalent in the news lately.

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sural nerve of foot and ankle clinical anatomy

Stopping Prediabetes and Diabetes Nerve Damage

Diabetic nerve damage can also occur in people with prediabetes.There’s more to it than just blood sugar control. Also inflammation, obesity, high blood pressure and insulin resistance are part of this painful medical condition.

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sun circadian rhythm for type 2 pre diabetes diet and exercise for metabolic syndrome x treatment

Poor Sleep Promotes Diabetes and Prediabetes

Proper sleep is a very important aspect of health. Sleep disruption raises risk of diabetes and prediabetes metabolic syndrome-Study at Nutrrientology.

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nutraMetrix Coq10 supplement

Statins May Impact Prediabetes Exercise In More Ways Than One

Not only can statins impact blood sugar and coq10 levels, but also may effect and delay your recovery from exercise, but not in the elderly?

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