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How Yoga Turns a Mess into Less Stress

Yoga corrects brain signals & the stress induced imbalance in your nervous system possibly via the vagus nerve. That’s freaky…try it regardless.

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Does Tai Chi Exercise-Movement Improve Circulation?

Tai chi as a form of exercise-movement has a number of benefits for cardiovascular health & stress reduction. Good for all ages at Nutrientology.

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friendships reduce stress cortisol pre diabetes diet supplement and exercise.

How a Buddy Supports Your Biology

Friendship supports reduced cortisol release, higher self-worth in response to stressful event. Stress management an important aspect of health.

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brain pre type 2 diabetes diet supplement and exercise for metabolic syndrome x treatment

Meditation and Yoga : Grow Your Brain

Meditation and Yoga has been shown to produce changes in gray matter of the brain. Nutrientology.com: Supplements , diet, exercise for diabetes and more…

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