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older male and female adult lifting dumbbell weights

Avoid the Immobilizing Diabetes-Arthritis Connection

Several types of arthritis diabetics can develop more than without diabetes, one is osteoarthritis. How to avoid arthritis-diabetes connection.

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Why YOU Should Lift Weights to Stop Prediabetes

See why & how people with prediabetes & excess belly fat need to lift weights for their personal metabolism regulator – muscle – to improve health.

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insulin resistance

What is Insulin Resistance | Pre-diabetes

Many with prediabetes know that insulin regulates blood sugar, but most do not know about insulin resistance and what can be done to reverse it. In this post I go into what you can do about IR.

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best type 2 diabetes exercise plan

Stop PreDiabetes with a High Intensity Exercise Plan

See why intermittent intensity movement has greater benefits on metabolism to stop prediabetes with improved blood sugar levels, glucose tolerance, reduced insulin resistance, and body fat control.

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