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pre diabetes walking exercise and diet supplement for metabolic syndrome x

Is walking good for weight loss to stop prediabetes?

Walking exercise can be like medicine to stop prediabetes & metabolic syndrome, but is not the foundation for weight loss to prevent diabetes and its complications.

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Gout & pre diabetes connection spurs metabolism research

As the obesity epidemic progresses this foot specialist is seeing increasing numbers of prediabetes patients with connection to gout in the foot and ankle.

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liquorice root shown to help prediabetes blood sugar

Liquorice root shown to contain compounds with anti-diabetic effect

Liquorice root contains compounds with anti-diabetic effect. Along with another legume provide beneficial effect on blood sugar. Food is medicine to stop prediabetes.

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enlarged waist size measurement

An Easier Way To Predict Your Risk Of Diabetes

There are two numbers you can use to predict YOUR risk of prediabetes & diabetes. You can get one yourself, the other from your doctor.

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