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leg with knee arthritis

Arthritis | Prediabetes Diet and Exercise | Part 1

See how arthritis and prediabetes blood sugar can both benefit from exercise, movement, diet & food – important to reduce inflammation pain and stiffness

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insulin resistance

What is Insulin Resistance | Pre-diabetes

Many with prediabetes know that insulin regulates blood sugar, but most do not know about insulin resistance and what can be done to reverse it. In this post I go into what you can do about IR.

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walking feet

Prediabetes and Diabetes | Types of Cholesterol | Feet Blood Circulation

It is important to know your different types of cholesterol. learn what you can do to prevent blood flow circulation problems in prediabetes and diabetes

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your personal certificate of achievement

Pygmies Stop Prediabetes with Food and Exercise

How hunter-gatherer Pygmies can teach you about the proper diet, exercise & lifestyle in your effort to prevent, stop or reverse prediabetes metabolic syndrome

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