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reduced blood flow to foot and toes

Lifestyle | Stop Prediabetes and Bad Circulation

How to stop prediabetes with lifestyle. Reduce your odds of ending up with type 2 diabetes resulting in bad circulation to the heart and feet.

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walking exercise to help stop prediabetes and prevent type 2 diabetes metabolic syndrome x

Walking metabolism benefits diabetes & prediabetes

An interval walking exercise routine metabolism can play a part in the prevention & treatment of prediabetes, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

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Why YOU Should Lift Weights to Stop Prediabetes

See why & how people with prediabetes & excess belly fat need to lift weights for their personal metabolism regulator – muscle – to improve health.

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woman with excess abdominal visceral fat

Prediabetes | Poor Bone Health With Hard Bones?

The elevated blood sugar levels & body fat of prediabetes cause inflammation weakening your bones making you vulnerable to a break and arthritis.

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