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tai chi balance pose

Look to Tai Chi for Prediabetes Exercise

Tai Chi is good exercise for muscle coordination and balance; And research shows it benefits metabolism supporting an ability to stop prediabetes.

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dr. robert creighton stop prediabetes e-book cover

How to Stop Prediabetes with Proper Diet and Exercise

Dr. Creighton’s e-book discusses his approach to stopping prediabetes through an ancestral foundation of food (diet) and movement (exercise). Go to Nutrientology for the complete version.

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When Do You Officially Have Prediabetes?

Prediabetes range varies among healthcare associations from 5.7-6.4%. When to treat prediabetes left to actuaries and accountants as healthcare costs rise.

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garlic pre diabetes diet supplement for metabolic syndrome x treatment

Garlic for Pre Diabetes Diet Cholesterol Support

See how garlic helpful in cholesterol & triglyceride support. Consider garlic food and/or supplement for prediabetes diet & metabolic syndrome health.

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