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limit whole grains to well cooked small amounts for type 2 pre diabetes diet and exercise

Are Whole Grains Better Than Fish to Stop Prediabetes?

Whole grains appear to produce more weight loss than refined. LDL levels rose. Limit all grains to stop prediabetes & manage metabolic syndrome.

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resveretrol pre diabetes diet supplement metabolic syndrome x treatment

Resveratrol Shows Promise For Pre Diabetes : Human Study

Obese men shown to have improved metabolism with resveretrol showing some promise for helping to stop prediabetes and weight management.

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pre diabetes diet metabolic syndrome treatment reduces obesity colon cancer

Increased Waist : Increased Colon Cancer Risk

Obesity increases the odds of colon cancer. Exercise can also play a role. Nutrientology: supplements, diet,exercise for diabetes and prediabetes metabolic syndrome.

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pre diabetes metabolic syndrome x treatment for gut health

Diverticular Disease Targets Inactive Overweight Women

Healthy prediabetes diet prevents inactive overweight women from increased risk of colon diverticular disease among other gut health problems.

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