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inflammation from excess body weight tendon problems

The invisible effect of body weight on tendons

There is more to tendon problems than how much weight is being physically applied to tendons, bones and joints. Excess waistline fat can promote invisible inflammation.

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enlarged waist size measurement

An Easier Way To Predict Your Risk Of Diabetes

There are two numbers you can use to predict YOUR risk of prediabetes & diabetes. You can get one yourself, the other from your doctor.

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woman with excess abdominal visceral fat

Prediabetes | Poor Bone Health With Hard Bones?

The elevated blood sugar levels & body fat of prediabetes cause inflammation weakening your bones making you vulnerable to a break and arthritis.

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leg with knee arthritis

Arthritis | Prediabetes Diet and Exercise | Part 1

See how arthritis and prediabetes blood sugar can both benefit from exercise, movement, diet & food – important to reduce inflammation pain and stiffness

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