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Movement and Food for Improved Mobility in Prediabetes

Eating the right diet & moving (exercise) in a smart way to maintain fitness with age is especially important for stopping prediabetes and preventing diabetes.

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Breakfast of Blood Sugar Control Champions

Low carbohydrate protein-based breakfast produces better satiety and metabolism than high carb bagel breakfast for diabetes and prediabetes.

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Exercise Fitness Benefits YOU Regardless Of Weight

Staying fit after 40 years of age leads to less illness & cardiovascular disease & longer life. Nutrientology: supplements, diet, exercise for diabetes & prediabetes.

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male and female senior citizens on bicycles

What’s More Important: Exercise Intensity Or Duration?

Exercise intensity & duration are 2 variables to individually adjust, but one appears to be more important than other. Nutrientology: Diabetes exercise, diet, supplements.

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