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Statins Slow Exercise | Muscle Cramping

Statin cholesterol lowering drugs may slow your exercise training & lead to unhealthy eating. Make changes now – why you should stop prediabetes.

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Plant Sterols and Stanols | Cholesterol

Plant sterols and stanols get some official backing by a government health agency to support healthy cholesterol levels for certain people.

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limit whole grains to well cooked small amounts for type 2 pre diabetes diet and exercise

Are Whole Grains Better Than Fish to Stop Prediabetes?

Whole grains appear to produce more weight loss than refined. LDL levels rose. Limit all grains to stop prediabetes & manage metabolic syndrome.

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prediabetes metabolic syndrome treatment green tea diet supplement

Why Green Tea Should Be Part of A Pre-Diabetes Diet Plan

Green tea extract study suggests benefits as a prediabetes diet supplement as part of diet plan to avoid diabetes, reduce blood pressure and other metrics…

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