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Prediabetes and Diabetes | Types of Cholesterol | Feet Blood Circulation

It is important to know your different types of cholesterol. learn what you can do to prevent blood flow circulation problems in prediabetes and diabetes

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Study: Extra Walking Improves Fitness But Not Strength

Pedometer walking 10,000 steps per day reduced insulin resistance, lipid-cholesterol & weight. Nutrientology: diet, exercise, supplements for diabetes and prediabetes.

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resveratrol pre diabetes diet metabolic syndrome supplement

Will Resveratrol Benefit Older Pre Diabetic Adults?

Resveratrol supplement continues to look promising in humans. Pilot study shows improved glucose tolerance necessary to stop prediabetes & metabolic syndrome.

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resveretrol pre diabetes diet supplement metabolic syndrome x treatment

Resveratrol Shows Promise For Pre Diabetes : Human Study

Obese men shown to have improved metabolism with resveretrol showing some promise for helping to stop prediabetes and weight management.

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