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functional foods for pre diabetes diet and metabolic syndrome x treatment

Functional Foods | Cardiovascular Health & Weight Management

General Mills is entering functional foods looking for ways of lowering weight management risk factors: healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, body fat, inflammation, and more…

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pre diabetes diet supplement and exercise for metabolic syndrome x treatment

Vegetarians : Metabolic Syndrome

Vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of prediabetes metabolic syndrome. Diabetes supplements, diabetes diet, diabetes exercise: Nutrientology.com.

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Folic Acid to Lower Homocysteine | 200 mcg Enough?

Study: Folic acid diet supplement of 200 micrograms may be enough to lower homocysteine and prevent the potentially harmful effects.

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Resistance Exercise : Multiple Benefits

Studies show that some form of resistance exercise has benefits at any age. Nutrientology.com: Supplements, diet, exercise for diabetes…

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