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tape measure for prediabetic waist to hip ratio

Overweight Prediabetics – More Sudden Death with Both Kidneys

Increased waist-to-hip ratio associated w/ sudden death. Pool of possible kidney donors shrinking. Study suggests donors can’t lose weight. Why?

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coq10 for pre diabetes type 2 diet and exercise supplement metabolic syndrome x treatment

Where Has CoQ10 Shown Antioxidant Benefits?

CoQ10 shows antioxidant property benefits with ability to increase antioxidant enzyme activity. Stop prediabetes through exercise, diet and smart supplementation.

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ala epa dha pre diabetes diet metabolic syndrome x treatment

Why Plant Based Omega-3 Alpha-Linolenic Acid?

Omega-3 fatty acids found in both fish and plants. A varied diet is needed to get many types of omega-3 in the diet and stop prediabetes.

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omega-3 pre diabetes diet supplement for metabolic syndrome x treatment

Does Alpha-Linolenic Acid Support Heart Health?

Study: Marine omega-3 support heart health, but not plant omega-3. Nutrientology.com: Supplements,diet,exercise for diabetes and prediabetes metabolic syndrome.

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