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Pygmies Stop Prediabetes with Food and Exercise

How hunter-gatherer Pygmies can teach you about the proper diet, exercise & lifestyle in your effort to prevent, stop or reverse prediabetes metabolic syndrome

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Another Example of Vitamin D Helping Prediabetes Metabolic Syndrome

Study: Vitamin d shown to improve HDL levels, body fat, and ldl cholesterol for overweight at risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes prevention.

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gout associated with pre diabetes and metabolic syndrome x treatment

Uric Acid Is Related to Prediabetes Metabolism

In addition to pain, elevated uric acid levels may cause a more insidious chronic inflammation with resultant altered metabolism & prediabetes.

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environmental toxins exacerbate atherosclerosis in pre diabetes

The Environment’s Chemicals Harden Arteries

Many environmental toxins can impact our physiology for years causing atherosclerosis, obesity and endocrine dysfunction. Nutrientology Resource Blog.

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