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Why Green Tea Should Be Part of A Pre-Diabetes Diet Plan

Green tea extract study suggests benefits as a prediabetes diet supplement as part of diet plan to avoid diabetes, reduce blood pressure and other metrics…

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EGCG type 2 diabetes diet prediabetes metabolic syndrome x treatment

How May Green Tea Impact Fat Absorption?

Green tea extract EGCG blocks fat absorption. Can be considered for weight management for prediabetes diet, but timing may be important since green tea may block necessary macronutrients.

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Green Tea | Protein Digestion | Reversing Prediabetes

Green tea benefits weight loss important for reversing prediabetes, but may inhibit protein digestion important for muscle recovery after exercise among other things.

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Green Tea May Curb Hunger

Study: Green tea may curb hunger at Nutrientology.com:supplements,diet,exercise for diabetes and prediabetes metabolic syndrome and more…

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