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omega-3 pre diabetes diet supplement and metabolic syndrome x heart health

Omega-3 Benefits Heart Patients

Research – omega-3 fish oil supplement benefits heart stent patients. See why should be part of diabetes diet and management to stop prediabetes.

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fish good source of omega-3 for prediabetes diet

Stop Prediabetes with “MUFAs” From Fish

Study: Long chain monounsaturated fatty acids suggest that they may serve a positive role in stopping prediabetes & metabolic syndrome management.

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vegetarian pre diabetes diet and metabolic syndrome x treatment

Vegatarian Risk

Vegetarian and vegan risk factors at Nutrientology.com:supplements,diet,exercise for diabetes and prediabets metabolic syndrome and more…

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Krill Oil More Effective?

Study: Krill oil more effective than other omega-3. Nutrientology.com: Supplements,diet, exercise for diabetes and prediabetes metabolic syndrome..

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