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peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

Guidelines | Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

2013 Guidelines – diabetes, pre-diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure and blood sugar targets adjusted. Foot circulation is an important aspect of cvd in diabetics.

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nih type 2 diabetes diet plan advice grains

Is There a Type 2 Diabetes Diet & Grain Conspiracy?

Grains not best for pre diabetes diet. Anyone who says our public companies do not influence public health is being a public fool. 5 reasons why diabetes diet educators can’t let go of the grain advice.

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a lollipop to illustrate "sticky" sugar

How Sticky Blood Sugar Gums Up Your Body | AGEs

In the presence of a sick metabolism like that with diabetes and prediabetes glucose attaches itself to proteins in your body causing disease…

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nutraMetrix isotonix OPC-3

Grape Seed And Tea Supplement For Healthy Blood Sugar

See how grape seed & green tea extracts may play a role in carbohydrate digestion that looks like a positive for healthy prediabetes blood sugar levels.

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