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Coenzyme Q10 | Statins | Diabetic Neuropathy

Coenzyme Q10 is blocked by statins despite being an important enzyme nutrient that may suppress diabetes nerve damage pain – diabetic neuropathy.

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Statin Muscle Side-Effects | CoQ10 | Prediabetes

Statins are useful, but are not without potential side effects – muscle aches & pains, mental impairment and blood sugar problems. CoQ10 can help reduce muscle side effects of statin medicines.

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Does CoQ10 Support Reduced LDL-Cholesterol?

CoQ10 Supplement shown to support reduced LDL levels. Also may reduce muscle cramps for those on statins doing prediabetes exercise for metabolic syndrome management…

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CoQ10 | Reduce Muscle Soreness

See how and why CoQ10 again shown as effective exercise antioxidant and may have a role to decrease muscle soreness after exercise.

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