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ancient mummies with atherosclerosis "hardening of arteries"

Have humans always developed “hardening of the arteries?”

Have humans always developed “hardening of the arteries” throughout history? See how “mummy research” into this question is being prevented and delayed.

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child getting body fat measurement

What Can Be Done About Childhood Obesity?

Childhood obesity, and the resultant health consequences of this problem, including adult obesity, prediabetes and diabetes, more prevalent in the news lately.

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pre diabetes exercise and diet to prevent poor circulation to feet and legs pad

Preventing Diabetes Poor Foot and Leg Circulation

Stop prediabetes before it turns into full diabetes with high risk of narrowing of blood vessels causing poor circulation to the feet & legs.

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peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

Guidelines | Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

2013 Guidelines – diabetes, pre-diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure and blood sugar targets adjusted. Foot circulation is an important aspect of cvd in diabetics.

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