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tape measure for prediabetic waist to hip ratio

Overweight Prediabetics – More Sudden Death with Both Kidneys

Increased waist-to-hip ratio associated w/ sudden death. Pool of possible kidney donors shrinking. Study suggests donors can’t lose weight. Why?

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sleep important as pre diabetes diet and exercise lifestyle

Poor Sleep Quality Linked to Increased Blood Pressure

Study: Older men with less deep sleep have higher incidence of high blood pressure. Nutrientology.com: Supplements, diet, exercise for diabetes and prediabetes metabolic syndrome

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obesity and vitamin D levels improved with pre diabetes metabolic syndrome x diet.

Weight Loss Leads To Improved Vitamin D Levels

Weight loss associated with increased vitamin D levels important for diabetes diet and metabolic syndrome (prediabetes). Nutrientology.com…

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Pre Diabetes diet supplement and metabolic syndrome x treatment for weight control and reduce inflammation

Weight Loss : Anti-inflammatory

Weight loss has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is important in diabetes and prediabetes (metabolic syndrome). More at Nutrientology.com….

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