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Prediabetes Diet | Cranberries | Blood Circulation

Cranberries and other berries should be part of your prediabetes diet. Cranberries contain an ingredient that may promote blood flow circulation.

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a lollipop to illustrate "sticky" sugar

How Sticky Blood Sugar Gums Up Your Body | AGEs

In the presence of a sick metabolism like that with diabetes and prediabetes glucose attaches itself to proteins in your body causing disease…

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bacon eggs protein breakfast for type 2 diabetes diet metabolic syndrome blood sugar and weight control

Breakfast of Blood Sugar Control Champions

Low carbohydrate protein-based breakfast produces better satiety and metabolism than high carb bagel breakfast for diabetes and prediabetes.

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coffee pre diabetes diet supplement and exercise for metabolic syndrome x treatment

Coffee Drink May Benefit Pre Diabetes Diet

Coffee drinking reduces incidence of diabetes. Add to prediabetes & diabetes diet to reduce the risk. May have role in healthy blood sugar levels?

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