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small dense ldl prevalent in pre diabetes and metabolic syndrome x

Danger: Small Dense LDL-Cholesterol

Small dense LDL damages blood circulation. Research: One factor in its formation is the diabetes sugar glycosylation process at Nutrientology.com…

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prebiotic fiber inulin for pre diabetic diet supplement metabolic syndrome x treatment

Prebiotic Fiber For Functional Food

Prebiotic fiber inulin as a functional food to benefit the diabetes diet and pre diabetes (also known as metabolic syndrome) at Nutrientology.com.

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Advanced Glycation End Products : Diabetes Complications

Advanced glycation end products affect diabetes complications, but some diabetics may not form AGEs that are as harmful?

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glucose control diabetes diet and prediabetes metabolic syndrome x treatment

Strict Blood Sugar Control May Put Some Diabetics at Risk

Diabetics with heart disease at higher risk of death with strict glucose control. Info about diabetes and cardiovascular health at Nutrientology.com.

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