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peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

Guidelines | Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

2013 Guidelines – diabetes, pre-diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure and blood sugar targets adjusted. Foot circulation is an important aspect of cvd in diabetics.

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pre diabetes walking exercise and diet supplement for metabolic syndrome x

Reduced Movement Maintains “Sugar High”

Movement is an important aspect of healthy metabolism in helping to reduce elevated glucose after a meal. Glucose belongs in our cells not in the blood.

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pre diabetes muscle damage by advanced glycation end products

How To Prevent Diabetes Muscle Damage And Help Repair

Vitamin E promotes muscle cell repair caused by diabetic protein damage from high sugar levels. Nutrientology: diet, exercise, supplements for diabetes and prediabetes.

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EGCG type 2 diabetes diet prediabetes metabolic syndrome x treatment

How May Green Tea Impact Fat Absorption?

Green tea extract EGCG blocks fat absorption. Can be considered for weight management for prediabetes diet, but timing may be important since green tea may block necessary macronutrients.

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