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pycnogenol benefits cardiovascular endothelial circulation

A Special Tree Bark Extract for Healthy Blood Circulation | Pycnogenol

Study: Pycnogenol improves endothelial function in cardiac patients presumably from its role as a powerful antioxidant. Role for leg circulation?

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sea buckthorn pre diabetes diet supplement for exercise metabolic syndrome x treatment

Sea Buckthorn Leaf Extract for Exercise Endurance

Sea buckthorn leaf extract shows endurance and antioxidant properties based on experiment using swimming rats. Future aid for Olympic swimmers?

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coq10 for pre diabetes type 2 diet and exercise supplement metabolic syndrome x treatment

Where Has CoQ10 Shown Antioxidant Benefits?

CoQ10 shows antioxidant property benefits with ability to increase antioxidant enzyme activity. Stop prediabetes through exercise, diet and smart supplementation.

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aronia berries pre diabetes diet supplement for metabolic syndrome x treatment

Aronia Berries Show Cholesterol Benefit For Metabolic Syndrome

Aronia melanocarpum benefits pre diabetes metabolic syndrome through improved cholesterol levels at Nutrientology: supplements, diet, exercise.

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