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tai chi balance pose

Look to Tai Chi for Prediabetes Exercise

Tai Chi is good exercise for muscle coordination and balance; And research shows it benefits metabolism supporting an ability to stop prediabetes.

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environmental chemicals pre diabetes and metabolic syndrome x treatment

Are Environmental Chemicals Contributing to Prediabetes and Diabetes?

Are environmental chemicals BPA & pthalates may be contributing to diabetes & prediabetes metabolic syndrome epidemic – “obesogens.”

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resveretrol pre diabetes diet supplement metabolic syndrome x treatment

Resveratrol Shows Promise For Pre Diabetes : Human Study

Obese men shown to have improved metabolism with resveretrol showing some promise for helping to stop prediabetes and weight management.

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Can Coffee Reduce The Risk of Developing Diabetes?

Coffee consumption affects adiponectin, IL-6, & fetuin-a levels and may benefit diabetes. Nutrientology.com for diabetes and prediabetes metabolic syndrome management.

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