Exercise : Medical Evaluation

A medical evaluation should be performed before beginning a physical exercise lifestyle. Begin slowly, know your cardiovascular limitations, and take care of your body.

medical evaluation before exercise to stop prediabetes

Be wise in starting to incorporate exercise into your life. Talk to your health care providers about which activities and at what intensity would be safe for you. Your health care provider’s advice will depend on the condition of your body as a whole including your heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, feet, and nervous system. You do not want to engage in strenuous resistance exercise right away if your blood pressure is not appropriate and controlled, nor do you want to engage in prolonged walking if your feet are not protected. Please see the American Diabetes Association’s position statement on exercise here and speak with your doctor about it.

Decide how you’ll keep track of your progress. Initially at least, you may find it motivating to write down what physical activity you have done each day. Nutrientology advocates the use of a pedometer to track how many steps you have taken as a measure of keeping track of your daily activity. You should gradually build up the amount of steps that you take per day.


Blood Sugar Levels

Physical fitness has been shown to lower glucose in people with diabetes. In the past, a general rule of thumb said that for every thirty-five minutes of exercise you engage in you should take in fifteen grams of carbohydrate…more


wear proper exercise shoes sneakers to stop prediabetes says foot doctor creighton


Proper footwear is essential, especially for those individuals with full-blown diabetes mellitus. A podiatric foot evaluation…more


Pedometer Assisted Exercise

Nutrientology supports the use of a pedometer at least in beginning a more active lifestyle. This is a helpful approach to gauge how much time and effort you need to put for enough exercise activity…more


Resistance Exercise

Properly performed resistance exercise either with rubber exercise tension bands or weights should also be part of your exercise routine. Resistance exercise should be started even more gradually…more


Exercise Prescription

The general recommendation is 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity 5-6 days of the week to improve health and fitness…more


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