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Proper footwear is essential, especially for those individuals with prediabetes. A foot evaluation should also be performed before beginning. Some people with prediabetes may have some decreased sensation in their feet.  Visually inspect your feet regularly and do not ignore potential problems.

wear proper exercise shoes sneakers to stop prediabetes says foot doctor creighton

A proper fit is very important.  An athletic shoe with a removable insole is recommended because many people could benefit from replacing the insole with a better more supportive insole.  Some people may need special inlays made out of a molded pressure reducing material, or custom foot orthotics that provide a bracing affect on the foot to control excessive abnormal motion.  If you are a prediabetic with peripheral neuropathy that has caused what doctors refer to as “peripheral neuropathy,” then I would advise you consider a stationary bike for most of your aerobic endurance type exercise.  Speak to a podiatrist foot specialist about your level of risk and the type of footwear that is best for your exercise approach.  If you have foot or ankle pain preventing you from participating in physical activities, see a podiatrist foot specialist to help you regain your mobility.


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