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There are a number of supplements that have shown some benefit in helping to alleviate the foot and leg pain, burning, and tingling that can occur as a result of peripheral diabetic neuropathy.  This nerve damage can also occur in people with pre-diabetes.  If you have unusual sensations in your feet including numbness, a swollen feeling, tingling, or shooting pains, see a podiatrist – foot specialist.  In addition to lifestyle changes, including the proper diet, exercise and sleep, one of the supplements below may offer some benefit for your condition.  You can also check out my Special Report –The 5 Best Supplements for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.  Also, be sure to see below for the RevitalAge line that includes multiple nutrient ingredients to shown to support the relief of diabetes nerve damage.*

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B Complex Plus

pure encapsulations b complex


pure encapsulations benfomax benfotiamine supplement

Alpha Lipoic Acid

pure encapsulations alpha lipoic acid for diabetes nerve pain neuropathy


pure encapsulations acetyl carnitine for diabetes nerve damage pain

RevitalAge Nerve

pure encapsulations diabetes nerve pain supplement

RevitalAge Ultra

pure encapsulations diabetes nerve pain numbness burning

Revitalage Product Comparison Chart

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