Do Dietitians Believe in Supplements to Stop Prediabetes?

For Some People, Certain Supplements can be Helpful for Stopping Prediabetes

Studies have shown that more than half of the population in the U.S. take a diet supplement of some kind. I have previously posted on supplement use by medical professionals. Another group of health professionals using supplements are the members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association).

pre diabetic diabetes diet supplements and metabolic syndrome x treatmentAnalysis of a 2009 survey of 300 registered dietitians looked into their personal use of dietary supplements, AND whether they recommend supplements to their clients.  It was determined that:

  • 74% of Dietitians were regular users of supplements.
  • 22% of Dietitians used supplements occasionally or seasonally.

The Primary Reasons for Supplement Use:

  • Bone health (58%),
  • Overall health and wellness (53%)
  • To fill nutrient gaps (42%).

97% answered positively when asked if they “ever recommend dietary supplements to clients.”
The reasons for this recommendation were similar to the reasons for their personal use:

  • bone health (70%),
  • overall health and wellness (49%).
  • to fill nutrient gaps (67%)

It’s nice to see that dietitians believe that their clients have more “nutrient gaps” than they themselves do 😉

Dietitians also followed healthy habits important for stopping prediabetes including:

  • eating a “balanced diet” (96%) {quotations mine}
  • managing stress (92%),
  • visiting their own healthcare professional regularly (86%),
  • exercising regularly (83%),
  • maintaining a healthy weight (80%),
  • getting a good night’s sleep (72%).
sleep important as pre diabetes diet and exercise lifestyle

This is not me, although I have fallen asleep while writing late night Nutrientology posts – all in the name of stopping prediabetes.


A good night’s sleep always seems difficult to obtain in today’s culture even among those that know how important it is (I’m referring to me!).  This is an area of health that is ripe for a breakthrough that could dramatically improve the country’s metabolic health and stop the epidemics of prediabetes, diabetes and obesity (“diabesity”).

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About Robert Creighton

Dr. Creighton is a podiatrist and foot surgeon with over 26 years in podiatric practice treating thousands of patients afflicted with the physiological, physical, and psychological side effects and complications of diabetes and pre-diabetes metabolic syndrome. He believes these disorders present a pressing public health concern that need to be more actively addressed in a multidisciplinary way. Dr. Creighton graduated from what is now the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine after receiving his undergraduate degree in Biology. He is certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, a member of the American Public Health Association, an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and a Member of the American Nutrition Association.

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