Does CoQ10 Support Reduced LDL-Cholesterol?

CoQ10 appears to play a role in LDL-cholesterol support and may alleviate statin related muscle cramps.

coq10 for pre diabetes diet and exercise supplement metabolic syndrome x managementA study published in the  journal IUBMB Life (August 2011) involved giving the diet supplement Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to 53 healthy young males at 150 mg per day for two weeks and evaluating its affect on LDL-cholesterol levels.  This dose produced a 4.8-fold increase in CoQ10 levels in the blood and a significant 12.7% decrease in LDL-cholesterol.

As many readers of this site know, CoQ10 supplementation is recommended for patients taking statin drugs because statin drugs tend to deplete the body of CoQ10. This depletion has been implicated in the potential for muscle cramps associated with statins. This is problematic because CoQ10 both prevents free-radical damage of mitochondria and fuels mitochondria which are particularly present in the heart muscle. So, in a sense, this is somewhat ironic in that while statin drug users ostensibly benefit from lower cholesterol levels, at the same time their hearts may be impacted by reduced cardiac mitochondrial levels.

The authors also looked at the CoQ10 supplement’s affect on red blood cell production and concluded that CoQ10 “induces characteristic gene expression patterns, which are translated into reduced LDL cholesterol levels and altered parameters of erythropoiesis in humans.”

The literature is not conclusive regarding the supplementation of CoQ10 to treat the potential muscle cramps associated with statin use.  Regardless, it may offer some benefits in addition to the one demonstrated in the study above.  While I am not in favor of the high CoQ10 dosage used in this study, there does seem to be a place for CoQ10 supplementation in the diabetes and prediabetes diet, especially if you are taking a statin medication.  Better yet, use a proper pre diabetes diet and exercise lifestyle to eliminate or reduce your need for statin medication.


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