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Sea Buckthorn may be a source of nutrients with health benefits.

A review of the nutritional value of the sea buckthorn plant was recently published in the journal Food Research International. The authors discuss sea buckthorn’s nutritional properties, bioactive compounds, and potential health benefits.

Sea buckthorn berries, derived from sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.), may be an underused nutrient source. This plant grows as a bush in Europe and Asia. The berry juice is consumed in Russia and parts of Europe. It is acidic and is typically mixed with other sweeter juices when drinking.

The authors have cited vitamins A, K, E, C, B1 and B2, fatty acids, lipids, organic acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, folic acid, tocopherols and flavonoids, phenols, terpenes, and tannins as potential nutrients that may be “harvested” from the sea buckthorn plant. It contains the fatty acid palmitoleic acid and this has caught the interest of many in the supplement community because it is a plant based source of omega-7.

This plant appears to have potential, but more research is needed on this potential source of nutritional compounds. The authors of the review did identify a number of gaps in the current knowledge of sea buckthorn berries. For example, how does processing for market affect the nutrients in different sea buckthorn berry species?

Go to the Science Library for more Sea Buckthorn Research related to diabetes and prediabetes metabolic syndrome.

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