Best Way to Prepare 3 Special Foods for Increased Health

How you prepare your food can make a difference in how many nutrients and how much nutrition they are providing for your body, and ultimately for your best health. In this post learn how to to prepare three special foods for best nutrition, and do not forget the one little trick that packs even more potential nutrition power into your food.

Prepare green leafy vegetables with this cooking method shown to preserve magnesium content 

boiling green leafy vegetables maintains mineral contentThe smart readers of Nutrientology know the value of eating green leafy vegetables on a regular basis.  But do you know what many believe is the best way to cook green leafy vegetables? Researchers at Allahabad University in India think they have figured it out. They compared the influence of different cooking preparation methods on green vegetables; specifically cooking’s influence on the mineral content of green vegetables. They found that mineral content, including magnesium, was best retained with a boiling cooking method. Of course this may not be true for all nutrients found within vegetables. Many believe steaming vegetables is another superb way of preparing vegetables for providing superior health benefits.

How to prepare mushrooms with more vitamin D

Did you know there is a way to potentially fortify the vitamin D of mushrooms before you eat them? mushrooms make vitamin d from sunlightWhen exposed to ultraviolet light from sunlight mushrooms make vitamin D.  The provitamin D2 in mushrooms is converted to previtamin D2. Once formed, previtamin D2 then quickly converts to vitamin D2 in a similar way that previtamin D3 converts to vitamin D3 in our skin. Nutrientology readers know vitamin D is not a vitamin in the strict sense of the term in that our bodies make vitamin D when sunlight strikes our skin. Shiitake mushrooms not only produce vitamin D2 when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet light, but also produce vitamin D3 and vitamin D4. So set your mushrooms outside for a while. Both you and the mushrooms will make vitamin D from some sunlight exposure.

How to prepare garlic to boost its antioxidant power 

Garlic has shown some ability to support various aspects of health including some impact on blood cholesterol levels and healthy blood circulation. The compounds believed to be responsible for garlic’s positive health benefits are known as organosulfur compounds. These sulfur compounds give garlic its unique flavor and odor. The health benefits of garlic are commonly known, but do you know how to possibly improve these purported health benefits? sprouting garlic has more antioxidantsMany people avoid aged sprouting garlic bulbs thinking they are too old to use. However, it is known when seeds sprout, protective bioactive compounds are typically produced. So how about sprouting garlic? Does it have more health benefits? Garlic belongs to the same genus as the onion, and a previous study found the anti-oxidant activity of onion sprouts was similar to that of onions, suggesting that not only onions, but also onion sprouts, can be used as a health-supporting food ingredient. In light of this, a recent study investigated whether sprouting may enhance the antioxidant activity of garlic. Researchers found “sprouting may be a useful way to improve the antioxidant potential of garlic.” More specifically, “garlic sprouted for 5 days had the highest antioxidant activity.”

And don’t forget this last little trick when preparing your food – spice it up, including your vegetables, for an extra health and flavor boost

Several herbs commonly used as spices have shown some benefit on insulin resistance and blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Just released research places ginger on that list. The rhizome (underground stem) of the ginger herbal plant is commonly used as a spice, and in some parts of the world, it is used for its medicinal qualities. It can be found fresh, dried and powdered, and as a liquid in juice or oil form. Recent research – A just released randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involved randomly assigning 88 diabetic participants into two groups for 8 weeks: 1. ginger powder supplement group 2. placebo group The ginger group showed a decrease in fasting blood sugar, HbA1c, fasting insulin levels and insulin resistance. spicesSo, to help stop prediabetes, spice up your food and enjoy healthy, real, low-glycemic food. A prediabetes or diabetes diagnosis does not mean one needs to avoid tasty food. I have written previously about the use of spices to help you stop prediabetes and enjoy the flavors of healthy food as medicine to alleviate discomfort and inflammation associated with arthritis, including arthritis of the foot and ankle. Do not let joint discomfort keep you from leading an active, functional and independent lifestyle.

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