Food and Feet | What a Combination!

My nutrition journey began long before podiatric medical school. It began during my high school years in my native Texas, when my father was diagnosed with diabetes.

He came home after a week-long stay in the hospital having high glucose levels and being placed on insulin. While in the hospital, he learned about improved ways to eat. He brought those ways to our home and to our kitchen. Out went the white rice, in came the brown rice. Out went the regular soda, in came the diet sodas. Out went sugar, in came the “pink” packets, soon to be followed by the “blue packets” . Dad was determined to help all of us to be healthy and hopefully prevent diabetes, although his diabetes was severely uncontrolled.

As years went on, I pursued my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, and moved to New York to attend medical school. My goal with a podiatric medical degree was that I could help diabetic patients to not lose their toes and feet to amputations. While in medical school, Dad was still on the “nutrition” kick, and sent me some fruit and vegetable concentrate in capsules, called Juice Plus+. I took a class on nutrition while in school, finished the capsules, and completed my coursework in school. I didn’t think about Juice Plus+ again until many years later.

While in medical school, I learned that I was at high risk for diabetes. I began an exercise and diet regimen to reduce my risk and stay healthy. I maintained that general thought for many years to come, until just recently, where I began to increase my efforts. After I had been practicing podiatry for ten years, my Dad passed away, due to complications of uncontrolled diabetes. Remembering that I was at high risk for diabetes, and my daughter was as well, I got her involved in physical fitness activities. I’d monitored her diet and my own for years, but hadn’t quite realized the magnitude of our food choices. Sure I’d been told to include fruits and vegetables in our diet, but eating one or two a day wasn’t really enough.

On the table at the Taekwondo academy while my daughter was in class, I noticed some Juice Plus+ bottles on the table. I recognized them from when I was in school, as the bottles hadn’t changed very much. It was amazing that product was still around. I spoke to my daughter’s instructor, who gave me a packet of the published clinical research on Juice Plus+ . “Published clinical research?” I said to myself in disbelief. But there it was, over 20 studies. I read them and was impressed at the great lengths that this company took to show that Juice Plus+ is a great bridge between what we eat and what we should eat.

Attending prevention plus events and reading about nutrition has been a true evolution for my family and me. I have used Juice Plus+ for almost 3 years, and seen personally the health benefits of Juice Plus+. It has been great including 17+ fruits, vegetables, and grains in a convenient, consistent, affordable manner every day in our diets. In addition to sharing Juice Plus+ with my family and friends, I also share it with my patients in the greater Houston area as a viable option to bridging the gap of fruits and vegetables in their diets.

Daily I have the honor of sharing whole food based nutrition and educating patients about general foot care to prevent loss of toes or feet. I share with patients the importance of exercise to reduce the risk of pre-diabetes and control blood glucose in diabetic patients. Food and feet, what a combination!

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About Lorraine McKinney

Dr. Lorraine McKinney is a podiatrist and wellness advocate with over 13 years in practice. She earned a B.S. in Biology from Prairie View A&M University in 1992 and then went on to complete her medical training at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, New York, NY in 1998. Dr. McKinney is a volunteer member of the African-American Initiatives Committee of the Greater Houston American Diabetes Association. She has been a long time nutrition and wellness advocate and is often found as a community volunteer at numerous health fairs and symposium activities throughout Greater Houston. Contact - Lorraine E. McKinney, D.P.M. Podiatrist, Nutrition and Wellness Advocate (281) 402-3561 main (281) 775-9136 voice mail
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