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guggul diabetes diet supplement and metabolic syndrome managementGuggul prediabetes supplement science abstracts related to diabetes and pre-diabetes metabolic syndrome health.

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The Efficacy and Safety of Herbal Medicines Used in the Treatment of Hyperlipidemia; A Systematic Review.

Resin from the mukul myrrh tree, guggul, can it be used for treating hypercholesterolemia? A randomized, controlled study.

Identification of a novel agonist of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors alpha and gamma that may contribute to the anti-diabetic activity of guggulipid in Lep(ob)/Lep(ob) mice.

Therapeutic effects of guggul and its constituent guggulsterone: cardiovascular benefits.

Guggul for hyperlipidemia: a review by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration.

The hypolipidemic natural product guggulsterone is a promiscuous steroid receptor ligand.

A natural product that lowers cholesterol as an antagonist ligand for FXR.

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