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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Nutrientology contributor. We would love to have you on board! It is through dedicated people like you that the prediabetes, diabetes and obesity epidemics can be overcome. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, and/or a possible affiliation,  contact us for further information. Thank you for your interest in Nutrientology.

Content Guidelines

You should present quality evidence-based content pertaining to:

• Prediabetes/Metabolic Syndrome – as they relate to food (diet), exercise (movement) and evidence-based nutrient supplementation.
• Your post should be in-depth, and well-researched, but written in an understandable way.
• It should be as fresh and unique as possible. If it is a common topic, give it your own personal unique angle.
• Your writing  should be in a confident voice and may even have a little flair.
• It should draw readers in and carry them along. It should also be free from grammatical errors.
• Finally, your post should be visually well presented.  For example, use interesting images, screenshots, informative illustrations, and/or possibly even a video as well. The more diverse your media approach, the better. You are free to use Creative Commons Commercially licensed images.

As long as your content involves an aspect of nutrients, food and exercise as medicine, especially to stop prediabetes-metabolic syndrome, we are open to considering it.

Start with Yourself – What are you an expert in? What do you have experience in? What do you have an interest in sharing with others? Write from the context of your area of interest and expertise.

Next, Consider Our Audience – More than anything else, we are interested in HELPING OUR READERS, many of whom are prediabetic, diabetic and/or overweight. Inform them how to stop prediabetes and why they should reverse prediabetes-metabolic syndrome before developing full-blown diabetes. Give them the reasoning and the benefits of your advice.

Feel free to present a different perspective on a topic. Have an opinion. We love “opinions” as long as they have some scientific substantiation. If the literature is weak, present the logic behind your reasoning? What type of “proof” leads you to believe that your content is sound.

Do not be afraid to try to persuade Nutrientology readers to your point of view. Kindly provoke them to action. Compare, contrast, analyze and draw conclusions. Help them examine a topic, and see something they may not have thought about. Some may disagree with you…That’s okay. Actually, that’s a good thing. Input from many perspectives will help the discussion evolve.


Please know that your post will be subject to editorial review primarily to ensure the visibility of Nutrientology content by search engines. We may also ask you to do some rewriting or reconsidering in order to help make the post the best it can be for Nutrientology readers.

For example, you may be asked to:

  • Cite a reference
  • Expand on a certain area of the post
  • Include another aspect of the topic not presently covered at Nutrientology.
  • Organize material into a different format such as adding a sub-heading.
  • Improve or add more graphics

All articles will be approved prior to posting. Nutrientology reserves the right to decline publication of any article, post, or comment deemed to be inappropriate. All content submitted will remain the property of the author.  The blogger/author will always remain the author of record, retain copyright, and assume all responsibilities therein.



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