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walking exercise to help stop prediabetes and prevent type 2 diabetes metabolic syndrome x

Walking metabolism benefits diabetes & prediabetes

An interval walking exercise routine metabolism can play a part in the prevention & treatment of prediabetes, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

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psoriatic arthritis in toe of foot

Inflammation | Prediabetes | Peripheral nerve health

Inflammation often goes along with cardiovascular disease, prediabetes-metabolic syndrome and even poor nerve health to the feet. Stop prediabetes.

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doctors doing surgery

Walking exercise | What is it good for? | Blood circulation

Walking exercise has cardiovascular blood circulation benefits, especially for people who are at risk for poor circulation to the feet and legs.

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pre diabetes walking exercise and diet supplement for metabolic syndrome x

Is walking good for weight loss to stop prediabetes?

Walking exercise can be like medicine to stop prediabetes & metabolic syndrome, but is not the foundation for weight loss to prevent diabetes and its complications.

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