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the right amount of calcium for strong bones

Vitamin D and Calcium | Foot Bones | Fracture Risk

Adequate muscle along with sufficient vitamin D level & bone supporting minerals like calcium are very favorable for foot bones during aging.

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grain conspiracy

Leucine and Omega-3 | Grains | Prediabetes Diet

Leucine and omega-3 fats are two important ingredients for prediabetes diet and exercise to prevent diabetes & its complications. Not grains!

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pure encapsulations coq10 supplement

Statin Muscle Side-Effects | CoQ10 | Prediabetes

Statins are useful, but are not without potential side effects – muscle aches & pains, mental impairment and blood sugar problems. CoQ10 can help reduce muscle side effects of statin medicines.

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pre diabetic diabetes diet supplements and metabolic syndrome x treatment

Do Dietitians Believe in Supplements to Stop Prediabetes?

Dietitians advocate healthy eating and support use of supplements for some areas – healthy bones, health and wellness and to fill nutrient gaps.

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