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Statins Slow Exercise | Muscle Cramping

Statin cholesterol lowering drugs may slow your exercise training & lead to unhealthy eating. Make changes now – why you should stop prediabetes.

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Curcumin as effective as ibuprofen | Arthritis pain relief

Study – Curcumin appears to be as effective as ibuprofen for arthritis pain relief. People with painful foot, ankle or knee arthritis preventing the health benefits of some exercise-movement and proper sleep are especially aware how joint problems can harm one’s health in many ways.

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Food and Feet | What a Combination!

Lorraine McKinney DPM discusses her podiatric journey leading her to combine the areas of food and feet for the health of her diabetic patients.

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healthy food not too expensive

Nutrientology | Stop Prediabetes

Stop prediabetes news – not expensive to eat healthy, quit smoking, vitamin D, omega-3, medicine causes vitamin B12 and magnesium deficiency, and more

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