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peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

Guidelines | Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

2013 Guidelines – diabetes, pre-diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure and blood sugar targets adjusted. Foot circulation is an important aspect of cvd in diabetics.

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your personal certificate of achievement

Pygmies Stop Prediabetes with Food and Exercise

How hunter-gatherer Pygmies can teach you about the proper diet, exercise & lifestyle in your effort to prevent, stop or reverse prediabetes metabolic syndrome

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map of bolivia where Tismane people live

Real Food | No High Blood Pressure | Prevent PreDiabetes

How do the Tsimane people of Bolivia avoid increased blood pressure, bad circulation to feet and legs and pre diabetes despite inflammation throughout their body from parasite infection and other diseases.

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tai chi

Tai Chi Shows Anti-inflammation Benefits

Research suggests how Tai Chi benefits including the anti-inflammatory effect so important for stopping prediabetes and diabetes.

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