Nutrientology’s primary focus is on nutrients, food and exercise as medicine, particularly in people with “pre-diabetes” or metabolic syndrome (also known as Syndrome X). We want to help you stop prediabetes and avoid full type 2 diabetes with all its potentially life-changing complications.

Nutrientology’s health information including our discussion of food, nutrients, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations strive to support healthy blood sugar and fat/cholesterol levels, healthy blood pressure, and body weight control to stop prediabetes so you can obtain peak health and avoid diabetes and its often devastating complications. We want you to live an independent life with strong, functional, mobile feet and legs well into your senior years. Movement is an integral part of health and wellness.

robert creighton nutrientology pre type 2 diabetes metabolic syndrome podiatrist foot specialist

The Nutrientology editor on the weekdays

We typically write from a scientific perspective, but try to speak to a broad audience.  We strive to present often-times highly technical information in a presentable and understandable way without insulting the intelligence of our readers. We want your feedback.

This is not an alternative medicine site.  Proper management of medical conditions is not achieved with nutrient supplementation alone. Prediabetes – metabolic syndrome involves physician management of any medications, proper diet, as well as an overall lifestyle change including regular exercise.

Nutrient supplementation should be used in moderation to augment a proper diet, not to replace it.

The Nutrientology Store contains diet and exercise products as well as evidenced-based supplements to support an active healthier lifestyle.  Dietary supplementation is used to fill nutritional deficiencies, support normal physiologic functions and facilitate peak health.

Robert Creighton, DPM is the site’s editor.  Dr. Creighton is a podiatrist and foot surgeon practicing in Tampa Bay, Florida with over 23 years in podiatric practice treating thousands of patients afflicted with the physiological, physical, and psychological side effects of diabetes and prediabetes metabolic syndrome. After witnessing the growing numbers of pre-diabetics with foot problems, and diabetics with devastating foot complications, he has set out to make some public health contribution through this blog in an effort to stave off the growing incidence of these diseases and the foot and leg complications that result.

He believes these disorders present a pressing public health concern that need to be addressed in a multidisciplinary way.

He is a contributing writer and editor for Nutrientology to:

  • better educate people in the important area of nutrition, diet, exercise, and lifestyle.
  • start a forum-like environment for podiatrists and their patients to bring the topic of nutrition, diet, and exercise more formally into the podiatric field.
  • make a contribution to the health of people with pre-diabetes metabolic syndrome in an effort to impact the diabetes and obesity (“diabesity”) epidemics in the U.S.

Podiatrists and other foot and ankle specialists please see this open letter to you.

Dr. Creighton graduated from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine after receiving his undergraduate degree in Biology.  He is:

  • Certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • A member of the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians
  • A member of the American Public Health Association
  • A certified personal trainer – American College of Sports Medicine

The president of Nutrientology is Kimberly Creighton. Kimberly actively works in the fitness field helping people maintain health, and avoid prediabetes, through exercise. She is:

  • A certified personal trainer – American College of Sports Medicine and National Association of Sports Medicine
  • A certified kettlebell instructor
robert creighton nutrientology pre type 2 diabetes metabolic syndrome podiatrist foot doctor

The site’s editor with the lovely president of Nutrientology, Kimberly Creighton

For other contributors go to the Directory of Contributors.

Information available at the Nutrientology website, and statements made by its contributors, should not be considered medical advice, a diagnosis, or a treatment recommendation.

A physician-patient relationship cannot be established by this website. Consult a qualified health care practitioner who is knowledgeable about proper dietary supplementation, diet and exercise. Statements made, or products sold through this web site, or its affiliates, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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