inflammation from excess body weight tendon problems

The invisible effect of body weight on tendons

The predominant view on the relationship between an unhealthy elevated body weight and its effect on tendons, bones and joints is typically grounded in the physical stress effects of body weight. And understandably so, however there is another invisible, less obvious aspect of being overweight that you may need to consider when thinking about your particular […]

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prediabetes researchers

Anti Inflammation Prediabetes Diet

Many people do not realize they carry harmful low-grade inflammation hand-in-hand with the poor metabolism of prediabetes. Inflammation that can be reduced by making some diet changes – start your anti inflammation prediabetes diet. “Food is medicine.” Much of our conversation here involves the lifestyle approaches related to reducing the inflammation in the body contributing to insulin […]

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flavonoids vegetables blood flow

Vegetables Support Good Blood Flow | See How

There are many reasons to reverse and stop prediabetes to prevent full diabetes. One of them is that people with diabetes are more prone to cardiovascular disease and develop blood circulation problems at a younger age, including the poor blood flow to the feet and legs that can put diabetics at risk for amputation of the […]

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reduced blood flow to foot and toes

Lifestyle | Stop Prediabetes and Bad Circulation

A big reason to lose weight to stop prediabetes and reduce your odds of ending up with type 2 diabetes, are the cardiovascular disease complications often accompanying these conditions including reduced blood flow to your heart, brain and feet compromising your ability to live a functional and independent life. Lifestyle modifications are the most cost-effective ways to improve the […]

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